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Try Scuba Diving

Your first time in Scuba Diving! No prior experience needed. We provide you with all the equipment, knowledge and assistance necessary to make your first time underwater Unforgettable!!!!
We offer small groups to ensure you feel safe and to help you enjoy your FIRST dive to the utmost. Our highly qualified staff Will be with you all the time and Will show you the wonders of the sea.
We offer daily TRY SCUBA excursions at 16:00 from the boat.
Hourly TRY SCUBA from the shore (dive center.

Open Water Diver

Your entry way into the world of Diving!
The SSI Open Water Diver Course provides you with the knowledge and skills to become a self sufficient and responsible Diver. Recognized Worldwide, this Qualification permits you to explore the seas in a safe and fun manner up to depths of 18 meters.
In just 4 days you Will be adventuring into a whole new World. Our online training Will enable you to learn at your own pace whilst our Scuba Instructors help you to practice the skills needed in the wáter.
After completing the Academic portion of the course (online and final exam)
The confined Water skills and the 4 Open wáter dives…….you Will recieve your Certification!

Specialty Course

We offer a variety of different diving specialties so you can keep growing in diving and only in the áreas that interest you!
You can choose from
Night Diving, Deep, Orintation, DPV(Diver propulsión vehicle), Nitrox, Perfect Bouyancy, Boat, Foto, Search and Recovery, Dry suit, Science of Diving and more…

Advanced Adventurer

Get more experience! This course lets you try 5 different áreas of diving. You make one dive in each área and like that learn new aspects of diving.

Stress and Rescue

All good divers should know how to help and how to prevent any accident that might happen underwater. This course Will teach you how to avoid panic situatios and how to help if ever they shoud arrive. You Will be a better buddy once you learn all the skills that go into making you a Stress and Rescue Diver.

Instructor Training Course

This Course prepares you to become a Scuba Diving Instructor. You Will learn all the necessary skills and knowledge to breeze thru your Instructor Evaluation. This is the stepping Stone to your new future as a Qualified Dive Instructor.

Technical Extended Range

If you like diving, but need a new challenge under wáter…XR tecnical Diving is what you need. We teach you how to use the proper equipment and proper planification to achieve the goals you want to meet….. Tec diving permits you to go further…in a safe way!!!

Dive Control Specialist

Asistant instructor course! Start the pathway to being a dive professional.

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